Hyosung Online Store

It can be difficult at times when you’re looking for parts especially if you’re in the country where Hyosung parts are difficult to find. Wait, there is a great news! We’ve found¬† Hyosung Online Store, a supplier of Korean motorcycle parts and accessories directly from South Korea.

Hyosungwholesale.com has been created to approach and get closer to individual buyers who are requiring parts at lowest price for their needs. Their goal is to be the One Stop Solution for Hyosung parts and Hyosung bikes as well in the near future.

Hyosung parts are often overpriced out in overseas due to custom fees and GST/VAT taxes being involved in importation, also total lead time for the parts require too much for customers who are needing parts urgently.

They supply parts at wholesale calculated rates direct to individual customers and they believe that is a unique service. Also from the calculated rates, they offer 10% discount for new account registration with Hyosungwholesale.com.

I have to agree that shipping could be the most concerns for people who are thinking to purchase from overseas but Hyosungwholesale.com offers various ways of shipping/delivery methods from South Korea to worldwide. Shipping fee and lead time will promptly show on the checkout page to customers with given options calculating the weight of the desired items.

They are also confident they will beat any price in the world relating to Hyosung, guaranteeing their customers that they’re getting the best deal.

They can be contacted via:

Email: contact@hyosungwholesale.com
Phone: +827076786134

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