Hyosung Exiv R / GD250R

End of 2014 or 2015 is the year  for the new Hyosung Exiv R 250 (GD250R) model to hit the showrooms! This model was seen at the Intermot fair in Cologne, Germany recently.

From the classic GTR version, this model looks like to have a slightly larger fairings. Another noticeable feature is the front lamp has changed. I assume this model has a more aggressive riding position with a brand new endings steering, bolted to the fork tubes.

From the side of the chassis and engine, Exiv R is no different from the current standard model of Exiv 250 (GD250N/N5) in terms of specs. This is a 249cc, single-cylinder, DOHC, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled motor with electronic fuel injection. The peak output on this bike is approximately 28.4 HP at 8500 RPM with a peak torque output of 25 Nm at 7000 RPM. This engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox. Full specification of this Hyosung Exiv R / GD250R can be found below.

* Those highlighted in red are the only differences with GD250N / Exiv5

This model is set to put up a strong competition for its rivals such as the KTM 200, Honda CBR250R or the Yamaha R25. At this moment, I have no idea of the official price of this machine, but it is expected to be slightly higher than the existing naked Exiva (N5).

Will the current GTR version discontinued once this is rolled out? This could be very interesting to know in the future!

Below are some pictures of this Hyosung ExivR 250 model. All images below credited to scigacz.pl.


If you would like to compare the GD250R and the GD250N, click HERE

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  1. Carlos says:

    I have a 2014 GD250n with less than 6k km. Its in excellent condition. Recently an issue came across where the bike would randomly stall out when at idle waiting for traffic lights to turn green. It idles fine… brand new spark plug and still didn’t fix it. What could be the issue? Also at what temperature does the fan turn on? I’ve owned the bike for over a month now and I haven’t heard the fan turn on. I checked the fuse box and nothing faulty there… Thanks in advance.

    • Rider Chris says:

      Hi, I’ve not used a GD 250N and therefore can’t advise you further. I would suggest that you bring your machine to the nearest Hyosung technicians to have a look. Sorry and have a great day.

  2. Luís Gonçalves says:

    Hello! So i have a exiv 250 naked version and the idle is very uneven… and after 20 kms, th Bike doesnt have a even idle… nor stable throttle at low revs… what should i do?
    I bought this Bike with 2.780km and now it hás 3.300 kms… i now noticed some “wet” on the front part of the engine… maybe the section of engine-gearbox… and maybe some leakage on the thermostate(the water thingy)
    Sorry for the english but i need some opinion 🙁
    I love the Bike and i dont want to sell it because of this… is this bad?

    • Rider Chris says:

      Hi Luis, the unstable idling could be due to a broken or cracked plug cap. You can try to use an electric tape to tape the plug cap and see if that helps or replace it with a new one. As for the water thingy, I think your coolant hose or box is leaking, I would just recommend that you sent to your local distributor or workshop to get all those fixed. Cheers

  3. Asyraf says:

    can anyone tell me where can I buy the fairing kit for this exiv250r.
    I am using the naked version, plan to convert to full fairing.
    Do email me at asyraf.intel@gmail.com , and find me on facebook using that email pls.

  4. sachinns says:

    hi, i own a gt 250r 2013 model,and the engine tend to dies of when i turn the throtle or dies of suddenly when in low speed like say 20km or 10 km. some said its plug cap problem and someone said you need to change the injector ? please help me to solve it.

  5. Glenn says:

    Hole Crap Power to weight ratio is better than the Ninja 300r!

  6. Kim Piseth says:

    Hi anyone has photos of modified exiv r? Need sample to modify my exiv r.

  7. Gunda Hemender says:

    When This EXIV R Is Going To Be Released In India ?

    Am Waiting From A Very Long Time
    And Can Anyone Share A Review Of It I Can’t Find Any Reviews Out There

  8. Gunda Hemender says:

    When This EXIV R Is Going To Be Released In India ?

    Am Waiting From A Very Long Time
    And Can Anyone Share A Review Of It I Can’t Find Any Reviews Out There

  9. Grant says:

    Hi Admin.

    I am an avid bike rider from South Africa. My friends and I all enjoy the different Hyosung motorcycles. We have been keeping an eye on this motorcycle since its initial debut and so I wanted to ask if it will be released here, in South Africa?

    Many thanks.

  10. Chirag says:

    Will this bike be released in india..?

  11. zulhilmi says:

    Hi admin, i really hope that hyosung can make a better bike such a gt650/250 but with other new design but with same engine. and more ‘italic’ look alike. and please give the customer a satisfaction with the double disc in front. and make a improvement in minor problem such starter relay, fuse, coil magnet, relay and etc.tq….

    • Rider Chris says:

      Hi Zulhilmi, I hope for the same, I have forwarded some suggestions to them and if they listen, we might a getter a better GT650/R. Cheers

      • zulhilmi says:

        because in here (malaysia) , our hyosung community have to make a self modified (diy)or repairing if there were a trouble with our bikes. then some of us were expert in modifications. they was converted the hyosung into ducati desmocidici or panigale (most popular is panigale).. but what we in discussion is, the minor problem were happened in many times around a month.. so hyosung need to make an improvement.. make an improvent is a better thing because the hyosung already have a lot of loyal fan out there. so no need to worry about the sale… so i wonder if hyosung will be the twin of ducati or mv agusta…

  12. J Mohamed Suhail says:

    But they Should’ve given a double disc in the front to give it a superbike look as like it’s predecessor GT250R…

  13. Hafiz Besut says:

    when this machine will launch in Malaysia?

    • Chris (Administrator) says:

      Hi Hafix,
      I have no idea at the moment but it is expected to be in Malaysia early 2015. I’ll update on my Facebook page if there is any updates on this. Cheers

  14. Netpix says:

    The EXIV 250 (GD250N here in Europe) totally beats the GT250R in performance. With this new bike that has a fairing and better aerodynamics, what exactly will happen to the GT250R? I hope they update it to be liquid-cooled and get some more horsepower.

    • Chris (Administrator) says:

      Hi Netpix,

      I agree with you and I can only think off that the GTR version will be discontinued in the near future once the EXIV R is out.

      • Sandeep says:

        I hope GT250R discontinue to give respect to GT650R 🙂
        GT650R owner 🙂

      • Netpix says:

        I still prefer the looks of the GT250R, and I think they shouldn’t drop the V2 engine, something that in Europe only Hyosung can offer on a low cc range. Nevertheless, I will definitely want to try this new EXIV R (or GD250R).

      • Chris (Administrator) says:

        I am really interested to know how this Exiv R last on a long distance rides..Hopefully someone can share a complete review with me.

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