Hyosung Common Problems

These problems are based on 2014 GT250R that I’ve gathered online based on other Hyosung users.

Hyosung / Naza Blade common problems:

1. Cracked or broken Plug cap
2. Front sprocket nut comes off from the bolt.
3. Engine oil(EO) gets low if one travel long distance. i.e. I will need to top up EO If I travel about 500KM.
4. Hard to free / Neutral gear when the bike is in stationary position. i.e. Gear 1 or 2 to N. Read the article below on how to fix this.

Hyosung Clutch Cable Maintenance

I hope, Hyosung or it’s affiliated company will improve on the items below specifically on GT250R;

1. Stainless steel pipe
2. Top Gear indicator
3. Better quality handlebars
4. Better Monoshock, perhaps Ohlins brand?
5. Provide extended warranty to 20K KM

Just like other bikes, every machine has its own problems. However, there are nothing major for Hyosung but things can be improved in the future.

Below are the data compiled by one of the Malaysian Hyosung’s group admin (Jai Damansara). These data are based on what Hyosung’s owner wish to have / improved on their bike.

hyosung common problems

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Troy cardozo
Troy cardozo

Hi…. Can any 1 help me regarding my hyosung gt 250 r. I have starting problem, sometimes it starts normally, sometime I cannot start at all. If I push n start, den it starts. I have checked everything related mechanical, everything is fine.
Can any 1 please help me find the problem

Ziggy Briggs
Ziggy Briggs

I have a hyosung gt 125r. I believe there is an electrical fault although the lights and indicators work but it won’t start at all you can hear the relay clicking but not every time we tried checking the wires in the loom there was one wire that looked scolded and looked to be melting the other wires but all of the electrics come on I have tried to bump start it got it going but it was like it was just in limp mode no power at all I don’t know to much about bikes so I’m sorry if… Read more »

Carlos Aguirre
Carlos Aguirre

How do I change the gear shifter on a 2017 hyosung GD250R?

Akshay Keerthi
Akshay Keerthi

Hii, my gt250r Speedo is acting weird… It displays proper speeds while riding normally but when I use the horn the speed shown jumps to a much higher reading like 200s or even 400s sometimes..
The horn seems to be low, not as loud as it should be.. any idea what the issue with my bike is!?


hi there my name is Bruce from north carolina I own a 2008 hyosung gt650r im haveing an issue with the bike not starting now i had a short in the starter relaythe bike ran great before this issue now that i replaced that part the will crank but wont start what do any of you think is the issue first time bike owner no very little about bikes so any help with this would be great miss riding my bike alot