Brunei Border Crossing

This Malaysia – Brunei Border Crossing article generally applicable if you want to cross in and out of Brunei overland by Car or Motorcycle. Please note these instructions are made from Sungai Tujuh Check Point in Miri but the principle applies to all checkpoints in Brunei-Malaysia crossing.

This article is created based on my solo Borneo Ride to explore the beautiful Malaysia.

If you using Brunei to just access Sabah from Sarawak and vice versa,  you will need to pass 9 check points in total which requires to stamp your passport and scan QR code (Only at Brunei side). This is because Brunei is separated into two parts by the Sarawak district of Limbang. (The locals call the separation as Brunei Besar and Brunei Kecil).

malaysia brunei border crossing
Total of 9 Checkpoints from Sarawak-Brunei-Sabah (Vice Versa)

Now I’ll guide the easy steps of going into Brunei. The process is the same when you exit out of Brunei.

Step 1: Register your vehicle details online here and print/save the QR Code. To do so, please follow the steps at the link below:

Brunei Vehicle Pass (VES) Online

Step 2: Stamp your passport at Malaysia’s immigration counter

Malaysian immigration Check Point at Sungai Tujuh

Step 3: Stamp your passport at Brunei’s immigration counter

malaysia brunei border crossing
Brunei’s Immigration Counter

Step 4:  Go through Brunei security check

malaysia brunei border crossing
Brunei Customs Check

Step 5: Scan your QR code at the Brunei’s customs counter to register your vehicle entry/exit details.

malaysia brunei border crossing
Brunei VES Pass – QR Code Scanning

Check out the video below of me going through the immigration process, it is really easy.

That’s it, you are already in Brunei. If you want to ship your vehicle from Peninsular Malaysia to Sabah/Sarawak or Vice Versa, please read more at the link below:

Shipping Car or Motorcycle to Sabah or Sarawak

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