Borneo Ride

If you would asked me to describe Borneo Malaysia Ride in one word, it would be AWESOME! I’ve ridden 4245KM with no problems with my motorcycle and it has been a great adventurous ride with so many memories that I  brought back with me. This trip was continuation of my Peninsular Malaysia Ride to explore…

Iron Butt Ride Report

I often had the thought of completing an Iron Butt Ride (Saddle Sore 1610KM) and I’m glad that I’ve completed it now, SOLO! If you’re not aware, The Iron Butt Association (IBA) is an international organization dedicated to safe long-distance motorcycle riding. In order to become a member, you need to complete and have certified…

I-Yerweng | Sea Of Clouds

I had 3 days off and decided to ride to Yala, south of Thailand to see I-Yerweng hill which is getting popular among the locals. I-Yerweng / Aiyoe Weng is  a must visit if you’re traveling to south of Thailand.  Apart from viewing this hill, Betong boasts several tourist attractions, such as Piyamit Tunnel, Winter…

Rider Chris

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